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Safety takes a turn

Sometimes design can make a real difference in quality of life. Never more so than in medical equipment for elderly patients.

Design Eye Q was honored with the task of designing a patient transfer equipment. Patient transfer platforms work with care givers to rotate a patient from one position to the next.

Patient Transfer Platform

Stylistic, slick design takes a backseat to safety and functionality in a way we haven’t dealt with before with the Safe D Transfer Platform.

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Often taken for granted, limited mobility patients find it difficult to rotate in place to transfer from wheelchair to bed, or potty to chair.

A 17” bearing rated for 500+ pounds spins the patient into place saving the caregiver from manually transferring patients.

A Safe D brake make sure the platform rotates under precise control.

safety brake

When folded, the transfer platform is designed to free stand out of the way, or rotate onto tough wheels for easy transport.

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