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World's Tastiest Bridge.

The Problem

The Fannie Rose Candy Company wanted a custom candy bar that celebrated the local community. They are a staple of the downtown HART (Historic Art & Theater District). Fannie Rose has the ability to cast their own chocolate bars. Until now, Fannie Rose purchased candy generic molds. They needed a completely custom solution.


No match for 30’ waves of Lake Superior

But the tastiest bridge ever made


Duluth MN’s Aerial Lift Bridge

Our cities most recognizable landmark. When our local candy shop needed something special, DEQ was able to help out!


The lift bridge first needed to be simplified into a shape that strongly resembles the actual bridge but can be cast in chocolate. A simplified graphic was created in Adobe Illustrator. Solidworks extrudes the shape, and draft angles were added to aid in de-molding. The shape was 3d printed in a FDM printer. The print was sanded and cast in Silicone.



Fannie Rose now makes chocolate bars that our community can be proud of. Go get your for your fellow Duluthian at

Ray Mattison